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⑼ How to monitor courses

Function overview

The monitoring feature is for school administrators to supervise the class and to solve questions raised in class.

Operation guide

Click on "Monitor" in “Class” tab, and then you will see the monitor management page. Lessons are displayed in chart or in list. You can adjust the display mode at the upper right corner.


1 Attendance management 

If someone is absent, his/her personal information will be displayed in red. If you hover the mouse over teachers, teaching assistants, students and auditors, you will be able to check their attendance. If teachers, TAs, students or auditors are absent or have other issues, you can click the telephone icon to contact them. (You need to activate "Super Customer Service" in "Value Added Services" in “Setting” first.)


2 Monitor actions

Question: when students asks for help during the lesson, the administrator will receive a notification alert through the monitoring page. The administrator may click the button to check and solve the requested problems. 

Contact: if the administrator finds a problem during monitoring the course, he/she may click "contact" those who need help and send problems.

Enter classroom: the administrator may directly enter into the classroom without being detected by clicking on the "enter the classroom" button.