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⑺ How to create a regular course from the ClassIn application


Teachers can easily create courses from the ClassIn application. The courses created from the application is updated to the school dashboard simultaneously.

Operation Guide

 1 Create a Course

Click "Create Class" on the left tab bar. Then, choose the school and fill in the the class name in the pop up window.


2 Set Class Information

In a Class, there are four different identities: "Teacher", "Teaching Assistant", "Students" and "Auditors". Each class has its own QR code and the class link, which are sharable. If the sharing permit is on, teachers and teaching assistants can share the QR code and the class link to invite students. Teachers can edit the class introduction, mute the classroom notification and disable the chatroom. The identities can be changed from the "Class Members" in the class information tab.

3 Add or Remove Students

To add new students into the class group, click "+" underneath the "Class Members" in the class information tab, and then click on a student and click OK. Alternatively, you can share the QR code or class ID with students . However, if you need to remove class members, right-click on their profiles and choose "Delete Member".