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⑾ How to check the lesson playback and the teaching report


In the "Course" tab, you can check all the lessons that you have had and will have. If it's finished lesson, students can watch the lesson playback and the "Learning Report". Normally, the "Learning Report" is available 30 minutes after the lesson finishes. In the "Course" tab, teachers can add or delete lessons and edit the lesson settings.

Operation Guide

 1 Lesson Playback and Teaching Report

Choose a lesson that you want to check the lesson playback and the teaching report, and then click the "Lesson Playback" or "Teaching Report" button (The course playback and the teaching report is available only after the class has ended). 


2 Add Lessons

To add a lesson, click on the "Course" tab at the top, and then click "+" at the top right corner. Then configure the basic lesson settings, such as lesson title, the date and time, then choose whether to enable online recording, live broadcasting and web playback. 


3 Cancel Lessons or Edit Lesson Settings

Teachers can cancel lessons or edit lesson settings if the lessons have not started. Right-click on a lesson, and then cancel the lesson or edit the lesson settings. Teachers can change the name of the lesson, lesson date and time, the duration, online recording and web playback settings, etc.