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⑼ How to assign and mark homework


Teachers and teaching assistants can assign homework, review homework and check the homework data.

Operation Guide

 1 Assign Homework

Teachers and teaching assistants can assign homework. Click on the "Task" tab and then click on "Assign Task" at the bottom.

  • Title: Teachers can set the assignment subject in here.
  • Start time: Students will be able to check the homework from the "Start Time", and will get a reminder notification.
  • End time: Teachers can set the deadline for students to submit homework.
  • Select students: Generally, all the students in the class needs to finish the homework by default. However, teachers can configure some students to do the homework.
  • Grading System: Teachers can set the grading system. ClassIn supports a few different grading options like hundred-mark, ten-mark or user-defined system.
  • More Settings: Teachers can set whether the result of homework will be accessible to everybody after it is submitted or reviewed. Also, teachers can set whether to give students permits to download the attachment and whether to allow students who joined late to submit homework.
  • Homework Description: It supports text, image and audio files. You can also attach files from ClassIn cloud drive and desktop files. Alternatively, teachers can manage the assignment resources in "Task" in the cloud drive. 

Click the "confirm assignment" button to complete the assignment..




2 Review Homework

Teachers and teaching assistants can view, edit, delete and review the homework in the class. Click the "Task" tab in the class group, choose a submitted homework to review.


In the "Task" tab, teachers can check the list of students who have submitted homework and review and annotate the homework.

After students submit homework, teachers and teaching assistants can annotate directly through the application. If the text is edited by teachers or teaching assistants, it will be shown in red. Also, teachers can write a comment on the homework and grade the homework. Teachers can mark a few works as "excellent homework", and the "excellent homework" will be displayed in the assignment list, so every student can see it afterwards. Teachers can reject homework, if it needs to be revised, and give a second chance to do it again.


3 Homework Results

Teachers and teaching assistants can check the homework results. In the "Task" tab, click on the homework you want to check, and then click "Task Data". Then, you will see the submission rate, average score, etc.