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⑽ How to arrange and mark test in class group


Teachers and teaching assistants can hand out test, mark the test and check the test results.

Operation Guide

 1 Hand out Test Sheet

1.1 Edit test

Teachers and teaching assistants can hand out the test; 

In class group, choose a test and click "Post Test".

Fill in the test subject and description. You can add test questions manually or import from test bank (In this case, the questions should be added ino the test bank in advance). Test is text-based but it also supports image.

It support multiple-choice questions and true or false questions. When editing the test paper, you can set the answer by ticking the box. You can also choose to save the newly added questions to the "Test Bank".undefined




1.2 Setting up the Test

After adding test questions, you may have to configure other settings, such as:

  • Start Time: Students receive the test sheet at the "start time" and can start taking tests.
  • End Time: Students needs to submit the test sheet before the "end time".
  • Select Students: All the students in the class need to take the test by default, but teachers can designate a few students for the test.
  • Time Limit: Teachers can set the answer time limit.
  • More settings:

- Teachers can set whether students can view the answer and the explanations after they finished with taking test.

- Teachers can set whether students can see each other's answer sheet and the results after test finished.

- Teachers can set whether students can submit their answer sheets after the end time.


After finished with all the settings, click "Post Test" to hand out the test sheet. Teachers can still change the test settings after the sheet is handed out.


2 Mark Test Sheets 

Teachers and teaching assistants can view, edit, delete and mark all the test sheets.

In the class group, click the "Test" tab and choose all the test sheets to mark. In the test details tab, and teachers and teaching assistants can check the submission status, and mark the submitted test sheets.

 Once students submitted the answer sheets, the system will automatically mark the submitted sheets. The total score will be available after all the answer sheets are collected.

Teachers can "re-mark" answer sheets that are already marked by the system. After finished with "re-marking", click "Confirm" to complete. Students can check the results afterwards.


3 View test data 

Teachers and teaching assistants can check the test results. To check the results, click the "Test" tab in the class group and choose a test that you want to check, and then click the "Test Data". Teachers can check the results of each question, including the correct rate of all students and the correct rate of answered students.