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⑷ How to set up the study report

Function overview

You may setup learning reports in “Class Report” in "Setting" tab. Learning reports include teacher’s comment, course achievement, course note, course playback, organization introduction and so on. The learning report can be set to be sent automatically, making it easier for students to check learning reports through ClassIn app. 

Operation guide

Click "Setting" to enter “Class Report”. Select learning report templates and choose whether to automatically send learning reports according to your institution’s needs.

1 Learning report template

In “Learning Report Template”, you may switch learning report templates. You may also edit and customize the learning report by picking out the learning data.

2 Class report notification settings

In “Classroom Report Notification Settings”, you may turn on/off learning report notifications. Click “Done” after finished setting.

Note: after turning on notifications, ClassIn will automatically send learning report/ teaching report to students/teachers 30 minutes after the class ended.