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⑹ How to set up a livestreaming course

Function overview

Live web broadcast can be used in seminars, industry forums, online career fairs, offline press conferences and multiple other scenarios. It supports thousands of people watching online simultaneously. The main live broadcast page allows visitors to chat, leave comments and give “likes”. The detailed data of visitors can be easily exported with one click.

Operation guide

1 Create a regular lesson

Click "Course Management" and fill in basic course/lesson information. When adding a lesson, be sure to choose "Cloud Recording/Live Broadcast/Web Replay", and then add students (those who join in the live broadcast as guest panels) to the course. In the web live broadcast and playback page, you can choose whether to show classroom information, so that students may join the class group.

2 Complete teacher information

Go to "Teacher Management" and click "View" to edit or complete the teacher information, such as name, photo and teacher profile. Be sure to highlight the professional asset of the teacher to attract students.


3 Set classroom skins

Click "Setting". Click on "click to create classroom settings" in the “Custom Classroom” section, and then configure the course cover and other settings. Click "Enable" after everything is all set.

4 Get the QR code

Go to "Course Management" and select a lesson in “Lesson Information” to get the QR code. You can freely share the code with others and socials to advertise it.