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⑵ How to set the initial settings in the dashboard

Function overview

School basic setting includes course default background setting, brand name and logo setting, and school introduction setting. The school profile will be displayed at the bottom of the learning report page and the enrollment page of a public course. When students forward and share the course, they will advertise for the organization.

Operation guide

1 Course default cover (class default avatar) setting

Click "Setting" and enter "Basic Setting". Click the “Edit” and click the course cover image to open the media library. Select a cover image for the course and click "Done". Note: there are 1000 pictures in the media library for uploading.

Recommended image size: 900px * 900px.

File size should not exceed 1 MB.

The course default cover (class default avatar) and brand name and logo share the same media library.

2 Brand/school name and logo setting

Click “Edit” to edit your brand/school name. Click on the image to open media library and change the brand logo. Click "done" when you finish. 


Brand/school name should be between 2-40 words.

Recommended image size: 260px * 90px

File size should not exceed 1 MB.

2.3 School introduction setting

Complete school introduction setting. You may add text or image to the introduction textbox. You may also input sign up number or registration link. After you finish, click "save".

Note: image width should not exceed 690px and image size should not exceed 800KB. No limitation is put on image height.