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⑴ How to quickly create a standard course using the dashboard

Function Overview

You may create a standard course using “Course Management”. To schedule a standard course, you need to first create a course, and then add in lessons and students. Course scheduling is a commonly used function.

Operation Guide

There are two steps in scheduling a standard course. First, create a course. Then, add in lessons and students. When course scheduling is completed, the ClassIn App will display Classrooms and courses.

1 Create a Course

First, click “Courses”. Then, click “+ Create Course” in the upper right corner to start creating a course. Select “Standard Course” and fill in relevant course information. Finally, click “Create Now”.


2 Add in Lessons and Students

Click “+Create Lessons” in the upper right corner to access lesson details. Complete basic lesson information (lesson name, start date/time, teacher, people on-stage, cloud resources etc.) and click “Done”. Find the “Student” section in the left toolbar and click “Edit” to add students to the course. You may add students by inputting student names and their phone numbers, or you may add students in batch by inputting the phone numbers of the students who have been enrolled in the institution. 

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