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⑸ How to manage sub-accounts

Function overview

An organization account is set up bu the phone number of a corporate body or an individual in charge of the organization. The school account is set up by the school principals or school representatives who are authorized to almost everything as a “super” administrator. Every school or organization can request only one school account, but can open multiple sub-accounts to manage the school dashboard.

Operation guide

Click on "Permission Management" in "Profile", and then click on "Add Sub-account" on the upper right. Fill in the ClassIn account, and then check Backstage Permissions and Client Permissions, and click "Done". 

- Teaching: course management; lesson statistics; teacher management; student management

- Drive: courseware resources; delete and download; homework resources/delete; storage management

- Classwork: live broadcast/lesson playback; teaching data; task

- Class: course monitor; account quick search

- Finance: finance

- Profile: school settings

- Client authority: create course/class

 Note: When employees leave or their positions change, you would be better to remove or modify their sub-accounts instantly to prevent information leaks.