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⑶ How to customize your classroom with course cover

Function overview

In ClassIn’s dashboard, you can find two sets of system default classroom skin and the skin library. Users may use default skins or use existing skins in the skin library. Users may also customize a classroom skin.

Operation guide

Click "Settings" in the "Profile" section, and click "Classroom Settings" in the tab bar. You may use the "Create Classroom Setting" function at the bottom of the page to customize the classroom skin according to your needs.

Apart from setting in the dashboard, the teacher / teaching assistants may also change the classroom skins in classroom. To do this, the image files should be uploaded in the media library in advance. Teachers and teaching assistants can change the skin directly by choosing from the media library when they are in classroom. 

Note: image size: 1280px x 720px

Image format: edt