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⑶ Seat Area Settings


The Seat Area displays the video frames of class teachers, teaching assistants and students on stage. We support up to 16 video channels with full HD quality and even dual camera.

  • Teacher: Teacher's video frame goes the first on the seat area. Teacher has the full permissions of the classroom.
  • Teaching assistant: Teaching assistant's video frame comes next to the seat area. Teaching assistant can manage themselves onstage or downstage on top of the full permissions.
  • Student: Students' video frames comes after the teachers and teaching assistants, and it's 'first come, first seated' between them. Authorized students can manipuate the tools on their right, including brush, text, move, delete, click and screenshot, other lesson activities and cloud drive.
  • Auditors: Auditors are invisible in the classroom.

Operation Guide

Teachers goes first on the seat area, and teaching assistants goes after the teacher. Students goest after the teaching assistant. Teaching assistants are downstage by default, but can make themselves onstage by clicking on them in the roster. Everyone can check the attendance, the device status and other lesson performance data in the roster. Teachers and teaching assistants can manage to enable or disable students' microphones in here too.

  • Microphone: Teachers and teaching assistants can check the microphone device status. If the microphone is enabled, it will be shown in red, and if it's disabled, it will be shown in green. However, if the microphone needs its device check, it will be shown in gray.
  • Authorization: Teachers or teaching assistants can authorize students who are onstage only. Authorized students will be marked with a yellow crown in the at right corner of the video frames.
  • Raise Hand: If a student "Raise Hand", a gingerbread man waiving his hand will be shown on the student's video frame, and on the roster as well.
  • Teacher/teaching assistant management: Teachers/teaching assistants can access to almost every setting including video frames reset, mute, onstage/downstage separately or simultaneously.

Buttons underneath the video frames of teachers or students can be customized in the dashboard. Also, teachers or teaching assistants can drag the video frames down to the blackboard area in the middle, and resize the frames as well.