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⑵ Menu Bar Settings

The menu bar includes network status, the lesson title, the lesson duration, microphone settings, camera settings, lesson recording button, classroom settings, and classroom maximization and minimization button. 

  • Network Status indicates network latency, packet loss rate, current network status and CPU usage.
  • The lesson title can be set in the dashboard or in ClassIn App.
  • The lesson duration displays the time-elapsing in real time.
  • Microphone and camera settings shows the device status.
  • Lessons can be recorded in two ways: local drive recording and cloud drive recording. To save the recording in your local drive, teachers or teaching assistants can click the recording button up on the menu bar and choose a location. On the other hand, cloud drive recording must be pre-set. If cloud drive recording is set, teachers will receive a notification pop-up when they enter the classroom. Teachers can click "Start Recording" whenever they are ready. Or, the system will automatically start recording the lesson after the preparation time.
  • Classroom settings include camera settings, microphone settings, volume settings, device check, classroom mode and mirror mode.