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⑴ ClassIn app overview


In ClassIn App, you can manage profile, contacts, class groups, cloud drive, courses, file transfer, blackboard editor, device check and other settings.

  • Profile: You can edit general account settings, including profile photo, password, etc.
  • ClassIn Interface: It displays the list of chat records, classes and the class group.
  • Contact tab: You can check friend requests, class lists and friend list in Contact tab. You can check the class details by clicking the class, and you can check your friend's general account information by clicking on their profile.
  • Calendar: You can check the course schedule, the number of classes, and class entrance.
  • Cloud: You can manage courseware resources and homework assignments.
  • File transfer: You can check the download progress of files.
  • Blackboard Editor: Blackboard Editor can be used to prepare a lesson or record a lesson video in your local drive.
  • Device Check: You can check the network system and test hardware devices, such as microphone, camera and headphone.
  • Ohter Settings: system settings and updates, help center, financial center, account switching and log-out can be managed in here.


Operation Guide

Log in to the ClassIn app and make use of all the features above.